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How to print

You can print Vanilla garments using a number of techniques including transfer film, laser, DTG or mixed media designs. Put simply, our clothing makes a great base for your brand! For maximum visual impact, we always recommend using sublimation. You can see our handy guide to this below… 


BEFORE pressing any garment you should always optimise the printing surface by going over it with a lint roller to remove any dust particles. 


Because there are so many variables in creating a sublimation transfer, these are general guidelines only. ALWAYS TRY A TEST PRINT FIRST!

100% Polyester
Temperature 200C
Time 50 Seconds
Pressure Light / Medium

65/35 Polyester Cotton
Temperature 180C
Time 90 Seconds
Pressure Light / Medium

Sublimating onto polyester/cotton will give a more muted result than with 100% polyester.This works particularly well for vintage designs and for music merchandise.


For best results you should ALWAYS use premium quality sublimation ink and paper. Also ensure your heat press is giving even pressure and temperature right across the platen. 

We always recommend Xpres sublimation hardwareinks and papers.

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